How are you feeling today? What is your body saying to you? How does it need you to take care of it this week?
Jenny White, Santosa’s resident Shiatsu Practitioner will be providing 20 minute stress busting seated shiatsu acupressure sessions during this week’s Fabulous Feel-Good Friday.

These short sessions can address physical and emotional issues. They can help release physical tension in the neck, shoulders and back, and relieve the physical and emotional symptoms of stress. A perfect way to end the working week and ease you into your weekend!
During a session, you are fully clothed and the treatment also uses some traditional massage techniques and acupressure points.

Friday 29th September from 12-6pm

20 minutes = £10


shiatsu at santosa edinburgh


The sessions are short enough for you to slot into your lunch time or afternoon break, with time for a healthy snack from Santosa’s café …and maybe even a spot of feel-good retail therapy.

It’s amazing how beneficial even a short session of Shiatsu touch therapy can be to your physical & mental well-being. Shiatsu can help you to feel relaxed AND energized at the same time. Touch therapy has been scientifically proven to reduce the stress hormones in your brain, and releases the ‘feel-good’ hormones which help you to thrive.

During the day, Jenny will also be offering take-home advice on exercises and acupressure points which you can use as self-care tools for everyday life.


Jenny White – Shiatsu



Santosa fabulous feel-good friday

Feel-good friday at Santosa


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