Healing Hands Reiki

If I’m completely honest – I knew very little about Reiki before my first session with Maija. I knew it involved energy, but that was about it! Before we began our session, Maija explained to me the process of what Reiki was about and it’s origins.

Reiki Explained

“For our wellbeing to be happy and healthy we need some water, nutrients, oxygen and energy as well. We are able to generate our own energy, but daily stress makes blockages in our mind and body. This cuts our flow and we can’t restore our energy by ourselves.


Many people are familiar with that feeling when you are getting up in the morning and you are already feeling tired. This is a sign that you don’t have enough energy, and that you couldn’t restore it all over the night. This is a sign of stress and tension.


Reiki: `rei` - life` and `ki` - energy and it is a part of the universe and our nature. This energy helps to release these blockages cleansing your body. It calms the mind and restores your own energy flow. Reiki works on all levels of our being: emotional, spiritual, mental and physical as well.


The Reiki practitioner doesn`t take anything from you, and he doesn`t give to you his own energy. He just makes space by Reiki. During the session, you take this energy as much as you need for your own self-healing. After the treatment usually, people feel relaxed (because the tension has melted away), at the same time more energised and their mind is much calmer. It brings you a good balance for your mind, body and soul.”


Soothing Sounds

Maija created a lovely atmosphere with low lighting in the treatment room and beautiful soothing music. Even though I was still a little skeptical at this point, I felt very relaxed and taken care of by her. I lay on the treatment table and the session began. At first, she focused on my head, neck and shoulders, working the energy through my body to bring positively charged energy to the places it was most needed.


Initially I felt the heat of her hands, however after a few minutes, I began to experience a glow above my head, as if someone had turned on an extra strong sunlamp! It was very pleasant, and continued to flow down my face and neck, in a tingling sensation. This continued throughout the rest of my body all the way down to my feet, which Maija spent a little bit longer on, as I had gone for a long run that day!


After the session was over, I felt pleasantly light-headed and deeply relaxed. I swore I would book another session ASAP. The second session however would prove to be challenging!


Expect the unexpected

Before my second session, I had been experiencing sleeplessness, tightness in my left shoulder and general lack of energy. I mentioned these things to Maija before we began. Initially, our second session started as normal. There were lovely low lights and meditation music as I got comfortable on the treatment table. Maija began at the top of the table next to my head and began to work her magic. By the time she reached my neck, my entire left shoulder was in excruciating pain – couldn’t rest it properly on the table and I must have been wincing as she asked me what was wrong!


Noticing my pain, Maija stopped for a moment and talked me through it. “There is a blockage of energy in your shoulder. Something is trapped so nothing can get through” she explained. Part of me thought that it could just be a coincidence, however, as soon as she moved from my head to my feet the pain disappeared completely! The sensations going through my feet were much more enjoyable, like a warm pins-and-needles feeling.


Energy Flow and Release

At the end of the session Maija advised that I seek further treatment for the pain and blockage in my shoulder, perhaps massage or work on my spine. Overall I would definitely book another Reiki session as the next day I was left feeling energized and despite the pain, I felt that my shoulder was looser than it had been in months. Thank you Maija!



Healing Hands Edinburgh Reiki School

Maija Kovaleska is a Reiki Master Teacher and has been practicing Reiki for over 10 years. Since 2017 she has been running Healing Hands Reiki School in Edinburgh, providing classes, workshops and treatments.  More information on booking a session with her can be found here.