Sacred Heart Alchemy – Cacao and Shamanic Reiki Drumming Sound Journey

Saturday, 16 December 2023 from 14:00 – 16:00

Come and experience sound healing with the powerful vibrations of the Reiki Drum and recalibrate your heart, mind, body, and soul, with the supportive resonance of the drum.

Sacred Heart Alchemy – Cacao and Shamanic Reiki Drumming Sound JourneyStep out of the circle of time and into the circle of radical love – Rumi – where we join together in community and give ourselves permission to receive and nourish ourselves and absorb the powerful healing vibrations in sacred space!

In this Sacred Heart Alchemy Cacao and Shamanic Reiki Drumming Sound Journey, I will be weaving together two of my favourite things, the heart-opening elixir of mama cacao and the primordial sound of the drum to bring us back into balance and harmony.

Together, we will invite the loving medicine of Cacao to permeate our hearts and support us in reconnecting to our own heartbeat, the rhythm of our life through the primordial sound of the drum, which will also actively connect us to the heartbeat of Mother Earth. 

This is a journey into the heart where we travel with the loving support of cacao, to open our hearts and settle our minds allowing us to tune into our hearts for guidance on what we need more of in this very moment.  We will then continue the journey deeper into our hearts whilst the sound of the drum takes us into a space of deep relaxation and recalibration.

My intention for the monthly Cacao and Drumming is to tune into the season and respond to what is arising in the present moment.  

Christmas Edition – December is the month of festivities, join me for this beautiful ceremony where we give ourselves permission to rest and recalibrate, allowing more space to invite in the joy of the season, as we move towards the Winter Solstice / Yule / Christmas.

Exchange: £25.00 (+Booking Fee)

Booking:  Click Here

There are only 12 spaces available for the ceremony, be quick to book your space!

What is Cacao?

Cacao is a heart-opening non-psychoactive plant medicine and is one of the many tools available that can help us tune into who we really are.   She supports us in softening our hearts so we can move from fear to love and connect with our inner wisdom.  Drinking Cacao in its purest form allows a deeper connection to ourselves our intuition and inner guidance, which leaves you loved up (with yourself), empowered, and in your heart.

We will be working with delicious Peruvian ceremonial grade Criolla Cacao, directly sourced from ancient Cacao gardens in the Rio Ene Region of Peru.

Drinking Cacao is optional.  Please do speak to me about other options.

IMPORTANT:  If you wish to drink Cacao, please read here.  Whilst Cacao is generally safe for everyone, there are some contraindications, and it is important that you are informed.

Shamanic Drumming:

The rhythmical beating of a drum is one of the oldest practices of humankind and a powerful approach that promotes health and well-being.  When the body attunes to the supportive resonance of the drum, you begin to switch off and drift into deeper relaxation, assisting the body in releasing any deep-seated stress and tension and bringing the body back to its optimum vibration.

Drumming has so many powerful benefits, including reducing anxiety, quietening our minds, helping us to relax and deepen our breath, helping to release old energy that has become blocked in our body and energy system, and overall, it can boost our immune system.

IMPORTANT:   Drumming is safe and beneficial for most people; however, drumming is not suitable if you are pregnant, have epilepsy, have a pacemaker or have tinnitus.

I look forward to sharing the magic of the drum with you!

As part of growing our community, you are welcome to join me after the session for a cup of tea and cake in the coffee shop and connect.

Who is Fionn:

Fionn is a Shamanic priestess with over 15 years of experience in energy work and more recently her training includes breathwork and tension/trauma release exercises (TRE).  Fionn is a certified Cacao Practitioner, Shamanic Practitioner and Reiki Teacher who has a deep passion for Cacao, Goddess archetypes, and all things wild and free! Inspired by the power of the elements, the seasons, and the moon, Fionn’s intention is to support deep personal transformation so we can reclaim our most aligned selves by slowing down and reconnecting to the natural world around us.

*Fionn is a certified Cacao Practitioner, trained by Firetree Alchemy.

  • December 16, 2023
    2:00 pm - 4:00 pm