Pauline Sawyer is our studio director lending her 30 years+ experience of yoga teacher training to shape our timetable and courses. As one of the UK’s most respected and inspiring teachers Pauline co-founded the Inner Yoga Trust in 1993 with Jenny Beeken where she is one of the Principle Teachers of the IYT teacher training programme.

Her deep insight and understanding of the body and its link to the mind and spirit comes through her personal practice and extensive study of other disciplines. Pauline’s teaching is informed by her work with (and study of) Kofi Busia, Jenny Beeken, Victor Van-Kooten and Angela Farmer, BKS Iyengar, Diane Long (who is her current teacher) and Sophie Hoare.

Pauline’s teaching demonstrates a deep understanding of the inner body, inner awareness and movement. Pauline brings her insight and intuitive awareness into her teaching, emphasizing the balance of the inner energies and healing oneself and others through yoga.

Pauline teaches at the Santosa Studio regularly and is available for private 1-1, therapy sessions and teacher mentoring.