Elspeth Alexandra Women's Fitness Edinburgh Coach and all-round Santosa Super Star!

Introducing Elspeth Alexandra, Women's Fitness Edinburgh Coach and all-round Super Star!

My mission.

It was a client who pointed this out to me. What it is that I do:

Is it fitness? Sometimes.
Is it massage? Sometimes.
Is it movement? Sometimes.
Is it listening? Sometimes.
Is it educating? Sometimes.
Is it walking my talk? Sometimes.

I’m a #feminist and it looks to me like women spend too long not feeling good about their bodies. Even when those bodies are doing a damn fine job, getting us about, not causing us pain, maybe even creating new humans. I don’t think many women truly love their bodies.

And that’s #patriarchy for you - not men, but patriarchy, which is a negative system for just about everyone.

When you love your body, you can get on with the real job of living your life and doing whatever you were put on this earth to do.

When you love your body, you don’t waste time beating yourself up about how you look.

When you love your body, you accept the things it can’t do and celebrate the things it can, and it doesn’t hurt any more.

I can’t make you love your body, but I want to help you along that road. I can help you appreciate it more, reduce pain, get it to work a bit better, enjoy being in it.

That’s my daily mission.

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Elspeth Alexandra, Holistic Core Restore

Join Elspeth at one of her regular Holistic Core Restore classes at Santosa's Edinburgh Studio.

More information:

Regular HCR class every  Wednesday | 7.30 - 8.30 pm

or why not join one of Elspeth's regular HCR Release Sunday evening workshops.