Interested in teaching a regular class at Santosa?

All classes are led by self-employed teachers on a studio hire basis. If you are interested in bringing a regular class to our timetable the:

  • Hire rates are £20/hour weekdays and £25/hour for evenings/weekends
  • Studio hire is payable strictly in advance of each month, on the 28th
  • Studio asks teachers to make a minimum three-month rolling commitment to the timetable.

Please be realistic about how much work is needed to attract students to a new class. It may be some months before your class is full. Starting a new class requires considerable marketing by both the teacher and the studio. As a teacher, you need to provide:

  • A well designed A4 Poster and A6 Flyers
  • An interesting class description and short teaching biography
  • Your Class Pricing to include Block, Drop-in and Concession rates
  • A high-res, head and shoulders photo for the website.

The Studio recommends that you invest time in placing your poster locally and can give a list of suggested places. Don’t rely on Social Media for your promotion – this only reaches a small proportion of people who might be interested.

To support our regular teachers the studio offers a promotion package that includes:

  • Advertising of your event on our in-house display boards, studio desk and windows. Please provide A6 flyers/posters.
  • Highlighted in the MBS Menu in the Cafe and on our website’s Home Page Upcoming Events (minimum of two-weeks inclusion).
  • Dedicated social media posts specific to your event.
  • Inclusion of one Blog Article highlighted across our social media platforms



The studio is a beautiful, tranquil space looking out onto the shared garden. There are approximately 15 mats, blankets, bolsters, blocks/bricks, meditation cushions and eye pillows. There are a number of chairs in the Sanctuary available to use in the studio.


The studio is 50 m2 in a regular rectangle shape with space for 15-18 mats. It is a multi-use space, suitable for all types of movement based classes, teaching, meditation and group work.


Next Steps:

  1. Have you visited the studio and checked out the space, facilities and equipment?
  2. Visit the online timetable and see which time slots are available.
  3. Email to ask for the Studio Hire Booking Form, complete and get it back to us so we can get in touch to arrange a suitable time for us to have a chat about your teaching and how we can work together.