Spring Forest Therapies was formed in 2012 by Alan and Rumi to provide musculoskeletal pain & stress specialist massage in Edinburgh. We specialise in Traditional Chinese Tuina medical massage which is a powerful and energy giving physical therapy.

Have you been troubled by acute or long term chronic pain?  Suffer from office or home working neck and back pain? Do you find that you are stressed and anxious, or keep getting headaches that stop you from sleeping well?

Alan McIntyre, is the only qualified blind massage practitioner of Tuina massage in Scotland. He has qualified from the largest Tuina training school in the U.K , Touch Tuina. He also has certification from the Zhejiang University hospital, Hangzhou, China.

Tuina Medical massage is based on Chinese Taoist principles to bring the body in to balance. It is an Ancient healing art that stimulates key points on the body:

  • 1 - when activated they release tension and
  • 2 - increase circulation
  • 3 – stimulates Chi and blood supply
  • Improve the body’s own natural healing processes.

It is a clothed treatment that is individually adjusted to focus on your specific conditions and wellbeing. It can be deeply relaxing or vigorous while giving overall higher energy and feel rejuvenating.

Tuina not only focuses on balancing the body but also the mind.

Take time to look after yourself as you only have one body mind and soul.

For more info about Spring Forest Therapies and our treatments:

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