Turiya Warman

Turiya Warman: Padam Padam Ayurveda

Turiya is a qualified Āyurvedic Massage Therapist, Nutrition and Lifestyle Therapist and Yoga and Meditation Teacher. Turiya is dedicated to the healing power of Āyurveda, having experienced first-hand how powerful this knowledge can be.

Turiya Ayurvedic Therapist Edinburgh

Her own experiences and practice of Āyurveda have shown that healing begins when there is a willingness to change. Massage can be a gentle way of taking that first step, showing love and compassion for yourself, and knowing you are not alone in your journey to health. All massage begins with a free 15-minute consultation. Turiya will meet you where you are now and work with whatever is presenting in your life, physical, mental, emotional. The massage will be tailored for you.

Āyurveda is a holistic healing system from India, dating back 5000 years. The knowledge of this ancient science is ever-relevant for our stressful modern lives. Holistic means it encompasses all aspects of living, including diet and lifestyle changes, like exercise and meditation. Turiya can also help you to find balance in these aspects of your life, finding inner peace and fulfilment.

Having a regular massage is recommended by Āyurveda, and the benefits can be profound, particularly for stress and stress-related disorders. Āyurvedic massage uses specific oils and particular strokes that bring balance back to the whole mind/body/sense system.

Āyurvedic massage is particularly beneficial to assist the circulation of blood and lymph fluids, remove and overcome fatigue, stimulate and help the process of digestion and metabolism, induce sleep, correct the ageing process (strengthening the immune, adrenal and nervous systems), improve eyesight, strengthen and nourish the body, increase longevity, aid resistance and to strengthen and improve the texture of the skin.

Marma points are similar to acupuncture points, by stimulating these points, tension, the stress in blocked pathways can be removed bringing correct energy flow and vitality to the body and mind.

You can now book in for an additional 15-minute Vedic Mantra Sound Therapy after your massage. After our consultation, an intention for the session will be set. I will then choose the optimal Vedic Mantra which will help you on your healing journey. Vedic Mantras are like no other sound therapy, they each carry their own unique power, which can bless us and transform us in profound ways. After the massage, I will send you a recording of the mantra so you can continue to connect to the healing power.

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