James Salomons, Zero Balancing Practitioner

James Salomons, Zero BalancerHello, my name is James and I practice a gentle and safe touch-based therapy called Zero Balancing.

Zero Balancing is like massage with your clothes on, acupuncture without needles and therapy without talking.

Your body has experienced everything that you have. It was there for all your highs and lows. Working in co-operation with your body, together we can work through the less pleasant things that have happened in your life so you can feel lighter and more able to move on. Or you can just come and have a relaxing, stress-relieving session, if that’s what you’d prefer.

I practice Zero Balancing because receiving skilled touch worked wonders for me. Without having to dredge up my past and talk about it, I was able to overcome past traumas in a safe, non-threatening way. It also feels good to receive – nourishing, even – and it can be good for your physical health, too.

If you’re interested in learning more about what I do, how bodywork helped me and clients, or to book a session, please visit my website or contact me directly:



0131 210 0131