We're meeting with Jane Mann, Forrest Yoga Teacher at Santosa, Edinburgh and finding out a little more about what has brought her to teach.

What inspires you in your own yoga practice and what brings you back to your yoga mat every day?

My inspiration to come back to my mat changes day in day out. The backbone though is knowing that when I do practice, I meet my own needs for self connection, nourishment, movement and release. After practising I tend to feel joyful, uplifted and peaceful and my day has more ease to it. When I’m not practising regularly, I quickly feel out of touch with myself, tired, lethargic and grouchy!

What is your yoga mat like - how long have you and your mat been partners?

Right now my mat is a second hand soft rug! My yoga mat I’ve had for a long time and love it dearly. But right now I’m really enjoying the comfort I get from practising on a cosy rug.

How do those nearest/dearest to you see your teaching?

I think they see it as my one true love - haha! Yoga holds a lot of space in my heart and in my life, so much so it has taken my partner some getting used to! My dear ones know teaching is dear and passionate to me as I share what I’m learning from my own practice, life experience and teachings from my exquisite yoga, bodywork and meditation teachers.

One of your most inspirational moments/experiences when teaching?

My students constantly inspire me by showing up. Their showing up to class, despite the myriad of other things they could be doing, making themselves their priority, is a daily inspiration for me to do the same.

Most challenging aspect of teaching?

I think the most challenging aspect of teaching for me at the moment is showing up exactly as I am - accepting that I am not perfect and not always on it, and that I still have a lot, (a lot!) to offer to my students! I am accepting that vulnerability is a strength and a gift.

Describe your first yoga class as a teacher - how did it feel?
Terrifying! I felt anxious, nervous, overwhelmed. I planned everything to the T, and as usual, had to throw the whole plan out the window! I’ve since learned that it feels good to have a plan in my back pocket, but to always be ready to chuck it away and teach on the hoof!
If you had the opportunity to travel back in time to the same first class what would you do differently and what would you do the same?!

I would chill out! Haha! I would allow myself to relax and to laugh. And most importantly to share some of my vulnerability to help my students be able to connect with me. I think this would have helped me (and probably them) to feel much more relaxed.

Favourite music/sensory aids to teaching if any?

I don’t like to teach to music as I find it distracting. My classes are really about getting students to go inside themselves, focusing on their own thoughts, feelings and sensations in the body. To get to know themselves and their patterns on the yoga mat which translate into their daily lives.

Finally - if you could teach anyone in the world (historical or present) a class who would you teach and why?
Ooooft! What a question. I consider my students to be my teachers, so with that in mind, I’d like to opportunity to teach Buddha or Mooji or Krishnamurti, please!

Jane Mann Forrest Yoga Teacher

Jane Mann, Forrest Yoga Teacher at Santosa, Edinburgh

You can find out more about Jane's teaching by dropping in to one of her regular classes:

Mondays, 10 - 11.15 at Santosa, Leith, Edinburgh