A Kitsch Witch and Shine On Yoga

Spring Equinox Workshop




Equinox Vibes

Last weekend, just after the Spring Equinox, I attended my first ever Spring Equinox Yoga, Meditation and Intention setting workshop. Run by two women, Joanna Cole Hamilton- teacher and practitioner at Shine On Yoga and Sara owner of ‘A Kitsch Witch’, the workshop was designed to be peaceful yet spiritually empowering and most of all – good fun!

Spring Cleaning

First of all, Sarah introduced us to the concept of cleansing with sage – an ancient and well-known tradition in Wiccan circles. As we passed through the doorway to the studio, she “smudged” each of us with the sage smoke, ensuring the cleansing of any negative energy, and the invitation of fresh new energy into our hearts and lives.

Deep Breathing

Sitting in a circle in the beautifully decorated studio (complete with purple leopard print altar, candles, fresh flowers and mini Easter egg offerings!), there was a brief introduction after which we began the session with some deep breathing and a guided meditation led by Joanna. The meditation and breath work centered around images of sowing seeds of intention, opening our hearts to light and nurturing those seeds in order to help them grow.

Get Moving

After this was a full hour or more of incredibly nourishing and relaxing yoga with Joanna. This included lots of beautiful flowing moves designed to ground us whilst keeping our spirits lifted. Although the poses were dynamic, nothing was too challenging and I felt super invigorated! Returning to the earth and darkness at the end of the practice, we spent at least 10 minutes in shivasana, and I was so relaxed I have to admit I almost fell asleep!

Start Thinking

After a short break for a cup of tea and a snack, we returned to the studio to start the second part of the workshop. Working on the theme of sowing seeds for Spring, Sarah asked us to write down all the changes we had made and lessons we had learned over Winter, the intentions we hoped to plant for Spring, what we would like to see bloom over Summer, and what we were hoping to Harvest in the Autumn.

I found this part of the workshop incredibly powerful, and it really helped to be doing it in a circle of women who were all in the same good energy space. At the end of this section, Sarah asked us to write down affirmations about ourselves. This was very empowering and healing as it gave us a chance to reflect on our work so far this year, and to give ourselves a positive boost into the next few months.


The final part of the workshop was crafting! We used paper plates and fun colourful decorations to make Ostara wreaths to hang in our homes (mine is on my altar!) This was a fun way to bond and wind down the session and really put a smile on everyone’s faces.

Soul Sisters

After the workshop, I spent a few minutes catching up with Joanna and Sarah. I asked them what the inspiration behind the yoga and witchcraft workshops was, considering it was a very one-of-a-kind experience.

“That was kind of what we were going for!” explained Joanna, “the fact that there is nothing like this out there and we wanted to cater for that.”

“We met through work, and we wanted to do something that combined the body and breath energy of yoga with the spirit and soul energy of witchcraft”.


“It’s important that there is a circle of like-minded people, a sisterhood if you will, all working with the same energy”, added Sara. “It really helps to bring the theme of the workshop to life and encourages people to become the best versions of themselves”. Unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before, and something I would absolutely love to try again, I left the workshop with a smile on my face and a spring in my step. Pun definitely intended.


Joanna Cole Hamilton has been teaching yoga for over 6 years and her information and her info can be found here.


Sara is a crystal healer, a tarot reader and a mindfulness practitioner and her page for A Kitsch Witch can be found here.

Ella Duncan is a member of the Santosa team and manages Social Media, Promotions and Events.