Sivananda with Joanna 

Joanna tells us about what Sivananda is

Join Joanna on the 10th of March for her Sivananda Masterclass 

The sun shines in the window on a beautiful winter’s morning. I step on to my yoga mat. The possibilities are endless. Some days I want to move, explore, challenge myself and practice new postures. Other days, like today, I simply want to come back to myself. On days like this, I practice Sivananda yoga.
Sivananda yoga is a set sequence which means that each and every time, you do the same poses in the same order. It starts with breathing practices to invigorate, then to balance, body and mind. It then flows through a few rounds of sun salutations before moving through what are known as the 12 basic postures. These postures work their way down the chakras moving the spine in all the ways it is possible to move.
The sequence is really quite incredible because stretches and strengthens all the different muscles, opening things up, stretching them out. It means by the end of the practice I feel perfectly balanced. Between each pose I relax, letting all the muscles, that have just worked or been stretched, settle.
The whole practice ends with a long savasana relaxation which works it’s way back up the chakras. To do the full sequence takes about two hours, but it doesn’t feel like it. And whilst you might feel like you are working hard in some of the poses the relaxation between each pose keeps you calm and helps ensure you can manage the whole practice.
Learning this sequence means that when you get on your mat and are not sure what to do, you have a sequence to come back to. A sequence that is grounding, calming, balanced and so well designed that you could practice it every day (as I did for years).
Every time I come back to this sequence, I feel such gratitude to my teachers for designing it and teaching it to me. This is the foundation of my yoga practice. It is the basis of everything I teach. I would love the opportunity to share this practice with you.

I run Sivananda Masterclasses every three months at Santosa. I keep the price affordable so that everyone can have the chance to try this practice. To book or for more info email me on or visit my website


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