Modern day living creates all kinds of physical and emotional strains on our wellbeing. Whether you stand on your feet all day, or work in an office, school or factory it is probable that at some point you will experience stress. When the mind creates tension in the body over time this may lead to various ailments and dis-ease. Therefore since stress and psychological factors often manifest in physical symptoms it makes perfect sense to find ways of coping with the draining effects of prolonged stress. Many of us alleviate stress unknowingly through reflexology, whether you’ve massaged a sensitive area on your own feet or asked a partner or friend you are in fact temporarily relieving an imbalance. However a reflexology treatment in practice goes far beyond this simple massage.

In ancient China and Egypt there was documentation demonstrating reflexology techniques similar of those used today. Within a treatment over 7,000 different nerve endings are stimulated with aim to increase function. By using specific techniques  imbalances may be detected and subsequently released. Stagnation containing toxins and waste may prevent the body systems from functioning at their most efficient and through manipulation of the reflexes this may be eliminated resulting in free flowing neural activity and a deeper sense of relaxation throughout the body. Systems and organs in the body are constantly working together to heal and repair. It is when these systems work effectively together that the body maintains homeostasis or in other words well-being. Therefore reflexology encourages the body to work naturally and restore balance.

A reflexology treatment may :

  • Induce a deepened state of relaxation, thus reducing stress and it’s associated physical and emotional imbalances
  • Reflexology may reduce the occurrence and pain of muscular tension, headaches and migraines
  • Balance hormonal conditions in menopausal women and help throughout pregnancy
  • Release emotional imbalances such as anxiety, depression and insomnia
  • Aid healing in common digestive, respiratory and circularity conditions
  • Reflexology may help as a supplemental treatment alongside formal medical advice, while therapeutic as a pre and post op treatment

Reflexology is a completely natural and complimentary therapy, not only promoting a great sense of peace, relaxation and clarity it may also contribute towards aiding dozens of health conditions, the list is endless … Therefore whether you have a specific ailment and are interested in how reflexology may help or simply feel sluggish and need a boost in energy why not try this foot massage with a difference and decide for yourself!



Fiona Cowie
Clinical Reflexologist in Edinburgh – Santosa Edinburgh

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Great experience !

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