Tingsha Bells – Silver Alloy Medium


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A high quality set of Tibetan Tingsha Bells that are made by the same producer of our Hand Beaten Tibetan singing bowls. With well-matched cymbals made from a polished silver alloy they produce a beautiful, balanced and long lasting note. These Tingshas are suitable for yoga teachers as well as sound healing and therapy work. Each set comes supplied with a silk brocade carry case that keeps the cymbals separated when not in use.


Slightly smaller than the Silver Alloy Large Tingsha sets, the cymbals measure 7.5cm in diameter and each set weighs approximately 375g.

Made in Nepal. For more information about working with Tibetan Tingsha Bells we recommend Frank Perry’s book: Himalayan Sound Revelations – The Complete Singing Bowl Book

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Weight 390 g
Dimensions 7.5 cm


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