Tibetan Incense Burner – Auspicious Symbols


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Handmade from copper with the Buddha in the centre. The outer circle of Lotus Flower leaves are decorated with the Auspicious Buddhist Symbols. The two central holes let you burn either the thin incense sticks or the traditional Tibetan sticks. Lean the incense stick against the centrepiece so that the ash is caught.

Liftoff the centrepiece to burn incense cones or grain incense or use it as a tea light candle holder.

Measures 9cm high by 11cm in diameter and weighs approximately 155g.

(Please note the item in stock has a Buddha in the centre and not the Djorke as shown in the photo. As these are handmade there will be small variations between each one.)

Handmade in Nepal

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Weight 155 g
Dimensions 9 cm


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