The Divine Hag Clearing and Energising Fragrance Oil




The Divine Hag Clearing and Energising Fragrance Oil with Clary Sage, Cypress, Lemon, Citronella & Rosemary.

All Divine Hag products are 100% Natural & Organic; the Clearing & Re-Energising rollerball contains a balanced blend of organic essential oils to create a clear atmosphere with a refreshing, energizing aroma.

‘Our Clearing and Re-Energising scent is expertly blended from organic essential oils known for their positive properties. These natural oils have been mixed and layered so as when used, the scents weave together to clear your space and create a happy, calm, positive, atmosphere’  From the Divine Hag

How to Use Apply a few drops of the fragrance to your skin, then wait a few minutes to allow the aroma to breathe.

Size: 10ml glass vial bottles. 
Ingredients Coconut & almond oil, clary sage, cypress, lemon, citronella and rosemary organic essential oils. 
Safety Notes for external use only. Avoid use on fabrics as oils may stain. Avoid use during pregnancy.

About The Divine Hag
The Divine Hag creates scents for women at every stage of life. The three arms of their logo represent the Celtic triple goddess – the maiden, the mother, and the crone.

All Divine Hag products are hand-blended from 100% organic essential oils. Designed to enhance mood, cleanse the air and generally make you feel better; their products do not contain sulphates, parabens, synthetic perfumes or any artificial colourings. Just natural goodness!


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