Shakyamuni Buddha (20cm)


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Shakyamuni Buddha is the historical Buddha, also known as Siddhārtha Gautama, who was the son of a minor Indian king born in Lumbini, Nepal around 560 BC. His father was king of the Shakya tribe, and Shakyamuni means “sage of the Shakyas”.

Statues of Shakyamuni Buddha depict him sitting in the Lotus pose with his right hand in the Bhumisparsha, ‘hand touching the earth’, mudra which symbolises his calling upon the earth to witness his enlightenment. In his other hand he holds an alms bowl that contains the elixir to eternal life.

With finely decorated robes this statue of Shakyamuni Buddha stands 20cm high and weighs 850g.

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Weight 850 g
Dimensions 20 cm
Resin Finish

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