Fountain Himalayan Singing Bowl (Conch)


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Himalayan, or Tibetan, hand-beaten singing bowls are traditionally made from seven metals – each metal representing one of the original seven planets of the solar system. These larger bowls produce deep, powerful vibrations with a multiple harmonic sound that is unique to each bowl.


If you fill the bowl until it is approximately three-quarters full and rim the bowl with the thick sounder, a fascinating display of water droplets and ripples is produced. As you build up the vibration, working to the speed of the individual bowl, the water movement increases and can produce a stunning fountain of crystal droplets. We understand that this technique was originally intended to be used as an eye meditation.

The weight and size varies from bowl to bowl – the Fountain Bowl shown here weighs 1.7kg and measures 25cm in diameter and is decorated with the Tibetan Buddhist Conch Shell symbol. All our hand-beaten singing bowls are selected by us in person from one of Kathmandu’s most respected singing bowl masters. They are made using the traditional, hand hammered method used for many centuries to produce contemporary bowls of the highest quality.

Each of our Himalayan Fountain Singing Bowls comes supplied with a large cushion, drum stick sounder and the large sounder stick for rimming the bowl.

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Weight 1690 g
Dimensions 18 cm


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