Dalit Terracotta Incense Burner with candle and rose scented oil


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Dalit Terracotta Incense Burner with a candle and rose-scented oil

Dalit incense burner is hand made in Calcutta and has a glazed top for the rose-scented perfume. The burner comes complete with one D’light, and a 30 ml bottle of perfume. Each scented incense burner is presented in a luxury tubed Dalit box.

Perfume: 30ml
Number Per Box: 1 terracotta burner, 1 x 30ml rose perfume and one D’light candle
Burn Time: 4 hours
Pot Dimensions: L 11 cm x W 11 cm x H 9 cm
Perfume Dimensions: L 4 cm x W 4 cm x H 9 cm


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