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Chakra Project 7 Chakra Wall Banner (Large) each piece is handstitched taking up to 40 hours of painstaking embroidery.


Designed and developed by Amina and a small group of women at The School of Healing Arts in Kashmir, Northern India.

Chakra Project was founded by Amina in 2009, and is a successful story of self-help and self empowerment that has allowed many women of Kashmir on the foothills of Himalayas in North of India, to heal their past and overcome some tough life experiences to take on new challenges and learn new skills.

The women involved in this creative self healing process have come from difficult backgrounds, where they had been disadvantaged or marginalized by the factors like exploitation, high unemployment, lack of education and by other social and cultural restrictions.

Through the Chakra Project initative the women are encouraged to empower themselves by self love, education and training in new skills, and to understand the art of creativity and self healing to help to move themselves from the position of vulnerability and uncertainty to a position of growth and sustainability and to fulfill their common, economic and social need.

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