Better Felt Slippers – Classic with Heel




Better Felt Slippers – a soft, light and warm woolen slipper (we like to think of them as the perfect 'house shoe') that will keep your feet warm and dry all year round. These classic slippers are handmade from 100% pure natural wool and mounted with a split hide sole. This style of classic slippers has a full heel cap (we also stock the same style of classic slipper but with a half heel). They are light, they stay fresh and free of odours and can even be hand washed. Please note that the Full Heel style is only available in the Natural Brown shown here.

These hard wearing, classic felt slippers are produced in the Better Felt factory in Kathmandu where they employ 80 local people on fair trade principles. Each artisan can produce only two slippers each day. Thomas Glerup, founder of BetterFelt, has incorporated a clever way for customers to identify who has made their pair of felt slippers. Each pair comes with a signature 'side stitch' that you can look-up on the website:

  Made by Bimala Thapa, Kathmandu, Nepal

Danish Design – Handmade in Nepal

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