Amitayus-Amitabha Buddha


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Amitayus (Amitabha) Buddha

Rare statue of Amitayus, the Buddha of Limitless Life and the aspirational form of Amitabha Buddha. Produced in the early to mid 20th Century as a replica of an 18th Century statue commissioned by the Qianlong Emperor of China. Purchased in 1990 at auction in Hong Kong before being brought to Scotland by our client who has placed it with us to sell on their behalf.

Bronze LWM statue beautifully decorated using the Chinese flat cloisonné metalwork and enamel finishing technique. The Buddha's face radiates compassion and he is seated holding the Long Life Vase containing the nectar of immortality, his upper arms decorated with jewels and a jewelled crown below which hangs locks of his hair.

Please refer to for information on the representations of  Amitayus Buddha.

The statue is available to view in Edinburgh.

Detailed measurements to follow


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