Sarah has been practising yoga for about 25 yearsSarah Waterfield Sanskrit Tutor Santosa. She qualified as a yoga teacher with the Inner Yoga Trust in 2001 and subsequently taught and developed their Teachers’ Awareness Programme. She now teaches independently and continues to be associated with the Inner Yoga Trust as a specialist tutor in Sanskrit and chanting, and as a mentor.  Her asana teachers for the last ten years have been Sophy Hoare and Diane Long.

Sarah qualified as a teacher of Vedic Chanting in 2013, after an intensive two year training in the tradition of T Krishnamacharya.  Her teacher is Radha Sundararajan of Chennai in India.  Radha was taught by TKV Desikachar for some 25 years, who was in turn taught by his father T Krishnamacharya for some 30 years.

Sarah Waterfield Vedic Chanting