Joanna Cole-Hamilton

“How can we know anything about ourselves if we always keep moving?”

One of my yoga teachers said this in a class once and I have never forgotten it.  I recall it often, not just in my yoga practice, but in life too.  In all the rushing around and getting things done, what did I actually know about myself and why did I even need to know anything about myself?

Yoga is about so much more than flexibility and strength, it’s about more than breathing and relaxation too but they are all a good place to start.Joanna Cole-Hamilton Shine on Yoga, Edinburgh

When I first started attending yoga classes about nine years ago, I couldn’t arch my back to roll along my spine let alone do a shoulderstand.  Slowly, slowly, over many years, I started to see the importance of standing still and I watched my body respond, felt it opening up and learning to relax.

Inspired by how quietly yoga had become important in my life I went to India to further my practice and knew I wanted to share it with others.  Joanna Cole-Hamilton at Santosa

I love teaching yoga, and I hope you will enjoy practicing with me.