Jane McMahon Yoga Teacher SantosaJane has practiced Yoga for nearly 20 years and qualified through the Yoga Scotland 500 hour Teacher Training Diploma. Jane has practiced a number of different styles of yoga with many inspiring teachers and explains:

 For me, Hatha Yoga is about connectness and creating the conditions to live as fully as we can. It is a daily sanctuary of awareness and awakening , a practice of living positively with ourselves and in connection with others. The practice of yoga is a continual exploration transforming the inner landscape of our body, mind and spirit through movement, stillness and the breath.

My approach aims to integrate the ancient wisdom of the practice with modern life. Developing tools  to support  people to feel at ease with their physical body and themselves, to explore, be curious and to practice with enjoyment. Calming the mind to find out more about ourselves and learning to accept what we find is the transformative  practice of Yoga for life.

Jane also holds a B.Ed (Hons) Special Education and has taught in Primary and Secondary Schools: “Yoga has so much to offer children. A fabulous tool-kit of body, mind and breath awareness that can enable them to navigate the challenges of life with confidence, a positive self image and sense of feeling at ease with themselves. I am excited to be part of the teaching team offering Kids Love Yoga at Santosa.”

Contact Jane: jb.mcmahon@blueyonder.co.uk

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