Jane Mann Forrest Yoga TeacherJane was dragged along to her first yoga class by her mum at the wild and unruly age and stage of 13 years old – completely unaware that this moment would impact her entire life.

Throughout school, university and her career as an Occupational Therapist, Jane turned to yoga to support her physically and emotionally. In 2015 Jane took the steps to becoming a teacher, completing a 200 hours Hatha Yoga Training with Rainbowlight Yoga.

She started teaching yoga but this one training wasn’t enough to give her the confidence and the tools she wanted to share. In 2016 Jane discovered Forrest Yoga – changing her relationship with yoga and herself dramatically once again. With principles of deep feeling, self-empowerment, integrity and community, Jane knew this practice was for her.

She did the Forrest Yoga Foundation Training with Ana Forrest in Berlin in 2017 and began teaching group classes and privates straight away. It was Forrest Yoga that really fired Jane’s passion and gave her the self-empowerment tools she wanted to share with others. This is what Jane’s work has become about; self sufficiency, empowerment, and healing.

The Forrest Yoga Training got Jane ever more fascinated with yoga, the human body and its potential for healing. She completed her first Yoga Bodyworker Training with Brian Campbell and Jambo Truong (Forrest Yoga Guardians) and began offering bodywork (massage) in Edinburgh in 2017. Training in Advanced Myofascial Release with Simonetta Logan, School of Holistic Therapy, and working with clients across Edinburgh is deepening Jane’s knowledge, practice and passion for this work.

Jane became a Godmother in 2018. This beautiful journey set her on a path to becoming a Doula, training with the Red Tent Doulas in 2018. In February 2019 Jane will train in Pre and Post-Natal Yoga with Forrest Yoga Teacher Charlotte Speller and will be offering classes and private sessions. 

When not yoga/bodywork/doula-ing Jane can loves to go out into nature, walking, camping and wild swimming. She loves singing, dancing, drumming, reading and going on retreat. Jane is a keen meditator and has a dear meditation community here in Edinburgh who she connects with weekly. Another practice of Jane’s which has become key to keeping herself well and happy on this journey of life. 

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