All of us are made by energy as everything that surrounds us, no matter if it’s something alive or not. Which means that a small part of the energy of the universe is in everybody and everything. Thus Reiki is the proper tool we can use to channel this energy into ourselves, to somebody else or to a situation that happened in the past or still to happen in the future. As a Reiki practitioner I’m just the radio which has the right frequency to tune the energy of the universe and offer it to heal myself or somebody else. But I’m not the only one. Day by day there are more and more Reiki practitioners whom like me, could discover this ancient art which was originated in Japan.

Sounds a bit as some kind of magic, isn’t it? Well, let me tell you something: it is indeed. Otherwise how can I explain that I would be able to heal somebody by distance, no matter how far we are one from another? This is just an example of many wonders Reiki can provide.

So if the energy of the universe is in everything and everybody, what do we need Reiki for? Everybody has felt a bit off someday, like with low batteries, or stressed, or depressed, or just not feeling well in general. All these situations mean low energy level. Reiki provides the boost you need to recover yourself not only physically but emotionally as well. And that’s not everything. Reiki will help you achive goals you may set to yourself during your life and will make you know yourself a bit better day by day. Because if you don’t really know yourself, you don’t know how to enjoy your life, how to be happy.

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Reiki is a non-invasive complementary therapy that works very well along with other complementary therapies and even orthodox medicine.

Receiving a Reiki session is something really special as you will experience some feelings you never had before while the energy is running through your body. Afterwards you will feel in a very good mood, energized and ready to face your concerns you may have in your life.

Reiki is available for everybody to learn. If you would like to be able to help yourself and others, you can become a Reiki practitioner as I did many years ago. It’s very easy and everybody can do it as there’s no any special requirements.

Reiki is specially usefull in cases of:

– high stress or chronic pain
– depression or anxiety
– fatigue or sleeping problems
– emotional balans and mental clarity
– physical, emotional and general well being


Maija Kovalevska
Healing Hands Edinburgh





What is Reiki? | 8 October  | 2.00 – 3.30 pm

”Is Reiki a Healing System or a tool for spiritual development?”

Join Maija Kovalevska, as she introduces the Japanese System of Reiki and explores what it is and how it aids the body in releasing stress and tension by creating a state of deep relaxation.

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Reiki at Santosa


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