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I first visited Nepal in December 2010 and, like many visitors to this remarkable country, fell in love with the people, the landscape, the vibrant colours and beauty and not least the noise and chaos that are all part of this amazing nation.

Nepal, situated in the heart of the Himalayas, is recognised as the homeland of the world’s leading metalwork artists and craftsmen. Their ancient metalwork techniques and traditions have been passed on from generation to generation over many centuries. Today, the Newar people continue to produce singing bowls of exceptional quality, depth and tone and Lost Wax Method statues and figurines of incredible form, beauty and detail. The hand-painted Mandalas and Thangkas of the Himalayas are considered sacred works of art. These highly skilled artisans face an ongoing challenge as more and more lower quality products, mass produced in neighbouring countries, are imported into Nepal for sale to tourists as 'Made in Nepal'.

The wide variety of landscapes, from the highest peaks on the ‘roof of the world’ at its border with Tibet to the forested southern plains continuous with India, along with the historical religious and cultural connections with the other Himalayan countries has resulted in the people of Nepal developing an unparalleled ability to utilise the natural resources of their landlocked nation to the full. Precious metals and stones from the central valley soils and sustainable tropical hardwoods from the lowlands are handcrafted into intricate articles designed for ceremonial use, while the fine wools from the high altitude domestic yak and goat are hand woven to produce high quality, durable textiles for everyday use such as shawls, blankets and scarves.

I visited Nepal as a yoga teacher and returned home with a new business, importing beautiful handcrafted products all with a connection of some sort to yoga and meditation that are produced in Nepal. All of Santosa’s products are sourced personally, often from friends and their families in Nepal and our collection increases with each visit. We support the wonderful work of Nepal Orphans Home in Kathmandu, making regular donations and raising awareness of the amazing children in their care.

Thank you for helping us to support both the people and artisans of Nepal and Tibet - we couldn't do it without hour help!

Janis Binnie

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