Arnica, if there is one homeopathic remedy that should be in everyone’s homeopathy first aid kit, then this is it. And why? Because it is superlative for trauma and physical injury. It is a plant that grows at altitudes of 4000-9000 feet, and has been used for centuries by climbers after strenuous walking and climbing to relieve aches and pains.
It is a wonderful remedy for bruising of soft tissue, swelling and shock, particularly when the affected person is in denial that there is anything wrong with them. It is not unusual for someone in shock to say something like ‘I am OK, just leave me alone’, or ‘don’t touch me’.

homeopathy in Edinburgh - Arnica Montana

Arnica Montana Wild Flower

You can use it for dental procedures, eg when a tooth has been pulled out, for sprains, bumps to the head, in the first stage of a fracture when there is swelling and bruising and for the effects of over exertion.

Arnica controls bleeding, brings down swelling and promotes healing. As a gel or cream, you can put it directly on your skin, as long as the skin is not broken.

Otherwise you can take a few doses of it in pillule form by sucking it in your mouth like a sweetie! A great remedy to have at hand when you have young children around who can be prone to bumps, bruises, accidents and injuries, or if you have budding athletes/sporty types in the family.

Arnica Montana - Homepathy

Arnica Montana

Even in the case of long term consequences of injury, taking Arnica after the time of the original injury can be beneficial in speeding the healing process.
There is an amazing story of A, who in a car accident, damaged her gums and teeth.

The dentist treating A was very surprised when, returning after 6 months, there was a significant improvement in the strength of the teeth and gums, which lasted over 30 years.

The remedy Arnica had been used 3 months after the accident, and promoted healing that was quite unexpected.


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