Homeopathy is a system of medicine that encourages the development of your own healing potential. The medicines used are dilute and non-toxic, and anyone of any age can use it. It is holistic, in that a homeopath looks at a person’s physical, mental and emotional make-up in order to find an appropriate remedy for them. It is individualised medicine, as opposed to a ‘one size fits all’approach!
Today, I will focus on Homeopathy and hormones. Since its inception, homeopathy has been used successfully for treating women with hormonal issues. Whether it is menstrual problems, the menopause or other conditions, its personalised approach, of treating the person behind the label, has helped millions of women all over the world. A homeopath spends quality time with you, getting to know you to find what makes you different from others. Your sleep pattern, food and weather preferences, and personality all play a part in finding a medicine to suit you. No woman’s experience of menopause is exactly like another. So, time is spent exploring the experience. Important things like a change in behaviour or mood is noted, the sleep pattern explored, the effect on daily life, work/life balance assessed. This detailed picture is then used to find a homeopathic remedy for the person. Remedies help the body to regain its ability to self-regulate a hormonal balance. They deal with the underlying disharmony that created the symptoms in the first place.
The homeopathic consultation gives you the space to talk about yourself. It gives you reflection time, which has become a real luxury when everyone these days is time poor. It helps you to feel better physically, mentally and emotionally, and to feel true to your real self.

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