Homeopathy and …bowels! And yes, homeopathy can help with many distressing bowel problems. Here is one of my own cases of a 13 year old boy, who came to see me complaining of blood, mucus and slimy stuff in his stool.

It had been ongoing for a year by the time he came to see me, and he had had ALL possible tests, which finally suggested a connection with dairy products. He gave up dairy before we came to see me, which had helped, but he was still passing blood and slime. He also had hay fever and an allergy to cats.

A detailed history was taken: medical history, sleep pattern, food likes and dislikes, weather preferences, thirst, morning/night person, and a personality profile. The remedy given to him was Phosphorus, sourced from an element in the Periodic Table, which has a well-known tendency to bleed. This boy had a history of horrendous nose bleeds, despite getting his nose cauterised. Now, he was losing blood through his stools as well. He also had a history of respiratory problems: coughs, colds, chest infections. The physical picture matched what we know of the physical picture of someone needing the remedy Phosphorus. In addition, the mental picture pointed to Phosphorus as well: Being an extrovert, having many friends, hating feeling lonely, socialising, and a tendency to burn out after intense bouts of excitement. His sociable nature, sensitivity to the suffering of others and his fear of the dark and thunderstorms, all pointed to Phosphorus as well. After giving him the remedy Phosphorus, there was a slight worsening of his symptoms – which can happen with stimulating the vital force – but very gradually over a period of 2 months, he got better. Every time he had dairy, he would suffer, but for 2-3 days, not 7-8 days as previously. His allergy to cats lessened too. He needed a few more doses of this remedy, and after 4 months:


-his allergy to cats resulted in only a slightly blocked nose when he picked them up

-he had a very minimal reaction to dairy. No blood at all, only tiny bits of slime

-his nose bleeds went down to once every 2 months or so.

His health is good many years later, with no return of the bowel problem which he originally came for help with. Phosphorus brought his bowel function into balance along with helping with his allergy and nose bleeds in a non-invasive, non-toxic way. As you can imagine, his mum was delighted, as was the young man!




ANJUM RAHMATULLA RSHom, Classical Homeopath

Anjum Rahmatulla RSHom
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