With autumn already here, we are heading towards shorter days and colder nights. The unpredictable weather produces swings from warm and breezy to windy and cold. This is when the dreaded lurgy starts to lurk around us, and colds and coughs afflict many. Most people can throw off colds within a few days, but there are others for whom the cold turns into a cough or ear problems, and still others for whom it goes into the chest. Children, in particular, can be prone to croup.
There are different types of coughs eg, dry, loose or spasmodic. Homeopathic remedies can help with all types of coughs. A well-known remedy for dry coughs is BRYONIA, which is available in pill form or as a liquid cough mixture.

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Those needing this remedy will have a dry, irritating cough with sharp pains in the chest. They tend to feel at their worst in the evening around 9 pm. Their mouth has a bitter taste, and they are very thirsty, drinking large quantities at infrequent intervals. These people can be very irritable, and don’t want to move or be disturbed.
ANT-TART is a remedy for a loose,rattling cough with difficulty in coughing up mucous. There is a loud rattling in the chest, and the cough is worse at night when lying flat and trying to sleep. PULSATILLA patients tend to have a loose cough in the morning, that becomes dry at night. They produce a lot of phlegm which is thick and yellow or yellow-green. It will disturb the sleep and is worse for lying down and heat. They will feel better in fresh air.

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SPONGIA is a remedy for a dry, barking, tickly cough with hoarseness, which feels worse after a bout of excitement. It is an excellent remedy for croup along with Aconite and Hepar Sulph. The cough feels better for eating and drinking.
There are many other homeopathic remedies that can help with coughs. The above are a small selection which may help in self prescribing. Finding a good remedy depends on looking at the physical and mental/emotional state of the patient. If you are not markedly better with self prescribing, it is best to seek professional homeopathic help.


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