Homeopathy for the Winter Season

Winter Woes

The winter season is almost over, we just have to get through the next few months! It’s easy to become run-down, overwhelmed and exhausted at this time of year. Here are a few gems to help you in finding a better balance in the New Year over the next few months; a pick of remedies that might just allay your fears, calm the nerves, settle the tummy and smooth over fractious behaviour.

Post-Christmas Crash

The top remedy for over excitement, in children mainly, but even adults get excited, so for them too, is Coffea. This can be used when excitement levels are so high that a person cannot sleep or function well. They feel everything acutely, their senses are over stimulated and they just cannot calm down. A dose or two of Coffea 30c will bring them back to earth and ease the over-stimulation.

Back to School

When children get irritable and over tired (back-to-school blues!) there is nothing worse for them and their family. If you are familiar with homeopathy, then you might have heard of Chamomilla, which is known to help teething children in pain. Chamomilla can also be used when children get so angry, they become contrary. Overstimulation or tiredness can result in a screaming child who wants to be carried the whole time, but is so contrary that whatever you give to placate them is thrown away in anger. A dose or two of Chamomilla 30c will calm them down and help sanity return to the home environment.

Exhaustion and S.A.D

When the New Year is full of dark nights and cold mornings and getting back into a normal routine, feeling exhausted is not unusual. When exhaustion leads to feeling anxious, depressed and irritable, then Kali Phos 30c can be very helpful, along with a cosy hot water bottle, to ease the worn out feeling.

Felling like you've over-indulged?

Nux vomica is a really useful remedy for over indulgence, whether it is due to food, alcohol or tobacco. Sufferers can feel bloated, with sour and bitter belches/ heart burn and a feeling of a brick sitting in their stomach. This can lead to insomnia and great irritability at the smallest thing. The hangover may be accompanied with a morning headache which feels heavy and sore. Taking a dose of Nux Vomica 30c will help. Perfect to recover from all those heavy meals over the festive season!

Treat your tummy!

My final gem is Carbo-veg, a remedy for acute indigestion, particularly due to eating rich and heavy meals. There is a very bloated feeling with a lot of flatulence and belching. Unfortunately, the relief from belching is temporary, and fanning themselves and seeking fresh air is helpful. Taking one or two doses of Carbo-veg 30c will settle the tummy.

If you need advice on homeopathy, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Season’s greetings to you all, and my best wishes for a happy and very healthy 2019!!


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Anjum Rahmatulla 

If you would like more information on Homeopathy and the treatments that Anjum offers, please contact her at anjum@aaraam.co.uk


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