The Art of Zen Wellness Retreat

8 November 2020 | 10 – 5 pm

A handcrafted, phone-free, nurturing day of yoga and tailored massage to look after yourself, slow down and build up your energy.

Would you like to take a break from your daily tasks, daily routines, and daily thoughts?

This day retreat is thoughtfully designed to create a nourishing safe space for you to rest and let go of emotional clutter and blocking energy through yoga, movement, breathing and meditation.

At the beginning of the year, we plant seeds of hope and breathe life into the projects of our dreams.  connected, inspired and energised we make our dreams come true…

The main elements of the Wellness Retreat:

  • Nurturing self-care – taking time to rest and pay attention to inner wisdom
  • Building energy resource in your body, mind and spirit
  • Restorative yoga to release tension in your body
  • Connecting with yourself and each other – rediscovering we are stronger together – real-time connection – connecting, supporting and witnessing
  • A nurturing space allowing you to slow down
  • Tuning into natural rhythms of the body and nature
  • Phone free zone
  • Holistic massage with organic essential oil blends – experiencing nurturing touch for a deep relaxation
  • Exploring topic: Happiness – developing control over senses and mind

What more is included in the retreat day?

The Art of Zen Wellness Retreat aims to create a beautiful nurturing space for you to slow down, release tension, build energy and inner strength. Every element of the day is designed to allow more connection, expansion and flow. This retreat will include restorative yoga, holistic massage, a space to journal and reflect, connect with others and your Self.

Lunch: It is lovely to share food together. This time we decided to have a Pot Luck Lunch – everyone brings a dish to share. It could be a nice new recipe you discovered or a great lunch option for a packed lunch or your signature dish. Vegetarian or vegan only, please.

Wellness Retreat Team:


  • £80 – super early bird/ by 10 December 2019
  • £85 – early bird – by 1 January 2020
  • £90 – full price – by 2 February 2020
  • £75 – concessions – full-time students, unemployed, retired.

Charity – £2 from every ticket donated to a charity supporting homeless people.

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Facebook- SinkingIntoBliss

  • November 8, 2020
    10:00 am - 6:00 pm