Agnieszka Borowiec

Agnieszka has been a practising massage therapist in Edinburgh since 2016. She also works as a teaching assistant in the School of Holistic Therapy. In her work, she tries to take into account not only physical but also emotional state of her clients. She aims at reducing chronic pains and tensions by helping them bring their bodies back to balance with gentle and non-invasive treatments.  Specially trained in Kinetic Chain Release, Myofascial Release, Thai Massage and Holistic Massage.

During treatments she always gives advice on postural energetics and stresses the importance of breathing.

Aesthetic Face Therapy

deep myofascial treatment that is complemented with some cupping massage, and optionally Kinesio taping for the face and decollete. I wear gloves throughout the whole treatment and work on decollete, neck, ears, nose, head and facial muscles and this includes intraoral massage where I work to release tension and stretch most of the facial muscles. 

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