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Santosa is pleased to introduce you to Lina Lienau

Tell us a little about your personal journey that has led you to focusing on healing Chakras?

My personal journey started with Yoga at the age of 18. I could feel that the alignment of my spine is important for my well- being.

I also met a wonderful teacher, Harish Johari (he wrote several books about the Indian healing system).

Furthermore I had several healing experiences which confirmed me, that when the right Chakra is activated, the physical discomfort disappears.

I soon found that the more I study about chakras, the more passionate I become about them.

How does your background in Art Therapy combine with Yoga and Meditation?

Art therapy is about looking inside and analysing oneself, - the same like Vipassana (meditation that involves concentration on the body or its sensations, or the insight which it provides

Art therapy is also about contemplation. It is about finding calmness in contemplating an image, as well about finding calmnness in the process of creating. Meditation and Yoga are also about introspection and perception. So there is a strong link between Art therapy and meditation.

I understand that you trained in India – tell us more!

My training in India started at a very young age with a wonderful Raja yogi, who taught me to sit still and many other things.

I did my training in movement therapy with a wonderful teacher- Tripura Kashyap in New Delhi. I am still part of her organisation, CMTAI, and it’s wonderful to see how the ancient Indian culture fuses with ideas like psychotherapy.

You also work specifically with healing the Chakra system – can you help explain what that is?

The Chakras are often called the wheels of life- they are energy centers  in

our subtle body. At times, these energy centers get disturbed through emotional, mental, physical stress.

Through meditation, sound, movement, creativity we can work consciously with the Chakras and generate a free flow of energy throughout the body.

Why do you think that it is important for us to make sure our Chakras are balanced and healed in todays’ society?

We live in a society that is very much based on intellectual understanding. Economic progress is placed as priority in life. This actually clashes with the purpose of life, which is to purify and expand our heart chakra. So balanced chakras will help us to face stress and also help to bring more compassion in the society that we are all part of.


Lina is a trained yoga and meditation teacher as well as an art-therapist.

Lina will be joining us in the studio on the 11th of February for a workshop in which she teaches us how to heal our chakras.

For more information on the workshop and tickets please follow this link



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